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Episode 229: What are animal rights for? With Steve Cooke
Episode 228: An animal rights archive with Kim Stallwood
Episode 227: Killing animals in shelters with Angie Pepper
Episode 226: New omnivorism with Christopher Bobier
Episode 225: Solitary confinement of humans and animals with Delcianna J. Winders
Episode 224: Animals and Epistemic Injustice with Andrew Lopez
Episode 223: The Cheese Paradox with Devon Docherty
Episode 222: Celluloid specimens with Benjamín Schultz-Figueroa
Episode 221: Praising (and blaming) animals with Rhys Borchert and Aliya Dewey
Episode 220: Categorizing (and Killing) Cats with Virginia Thomas
Episode 219: Gendering animals with Letitia Meynell
Episode 218: Gendered reproductive violence with Stacy Banwell
Episode 217: In Memoria Siobhan O'Sullivan
Episode 216: Buddhist animal research ethics with Andrew Fenton
Episode 215: Reducetarianism with Brian Kateman
Episode 214: Animal Architecture with Paul Dobraszczyk
Protecting Animals 53: Veganism on the Web with Erik Marcus
Episode 213: Rachel Robison-Greene on In Vitro Meat
Protecting Animals 52: Mercy for Animals with AJ Albrecht
Episode 212: Vegan Socialism with Troy Vettese
Episode 211: Animal Creativity with Carol Gigliotti
Episode 210: Saving Animals (and Ourselves) with Jeff Sebo
Episode 209: Teaching Literary Animal Studies with Liza Bauer
Episode 208: Victims of Fashion with Helen Cowie
Episode 207: Gay Frogs with Hannah Boast
Episode 206: Vegan Geographies with Richard White
Episode 205: Cubes of Truth with Serrin Rutledge-Prior
Episode 204: Civet Coffee with Jes Hooper
Episode 203: Vegan Young Adult Fiction with Ali Ryland
Episode 202: Animal Ethics and Moral Experts with Frauke Albersmeier
Episode 201: Personality Psychology and Meat-Eating with Chris Hopwood
Protecting Animals 51: Sentientism with Jamie Woodhouse
Episode 200: Animals and the International Criminal Court with Marina Lostal
Episode 199: Frances Power Cobbe with Alison Stone
Episode 198: Aurochs and Zooarchaeology with Lizzie Wright
Episode 197: Feeding Animals with Josh Milburn
Episode 196: The animal law of peace with Saskia Stucki
Episode 195: Animal critical theory with Alice Crary and Lori Gruen
Episode 194: Animal revolution with Ron Broglio
Episode 193: Animals and business ethics with Natalie Evans
Episode 192: Horsepower with Daniel Bowman
Episode 191: Measuring subjective animal welfare with Heather Browning
Episode 190: Z. Zane McNeill on anti-carceral veganism
Episode 189: Creaturely forms with Dominic O'Key
Episode 188: Ape ethics with Gregory Tague
Episode 187: Margo DeMello on human-animal studies
Episode 186: Spectral-poetic moments with animals with Matthew Leep
Episode 185: The Monstrous Vegan with Emelia Quinn
Episode 184: Discourses, regulation, and cultivated meat with Brodie Evans
Episode 183: Milking Economies with Claudia Hirtenfelder
Episode 182: Multispecies Love and Grief with Danielle Celermajer
Episode 181: Boundaries and Veterinary Medicine with Jenny Vermilya
Episode 180: Dingo Bold with Rowena Lennox
Episode 179: Natural Science and Lethal Animal Encounters with Rick de Vos
Episode 178: In Memoria Bede Carmody
Episode 177: Our treatment of animals is the worst thing in the world, with Michael Huemer
Episode 176: Vegan men and masculinities with Kadri Aavik
Episode 175: The rule of law for animals with John Adenitire
Episode 174: The history of dog training with Justyna Włodarczyk
Episode 173: Directed panspermia with Gary O'Brien
Episode 172: Vegan pasts, presents, and futures with Catherine Oliver
Episode 171: White Power Milk with Vasile Stanescu
Knowing Animals 170: Animal rights pacifism with Blake Hereth
Episode 169: Animal sanctuaries with Elan Abrell
Episode 168: Speaking with animals with Eva Meijer
Episode 167: Vegan studies with Laura Wright
Episode 166: John Locke on human equality with Jishnu Guha-Majumdar
Episode 165: Wildlife property rights with Karen Bradshaw
Knowing Animals 164: Is veganism morally required? With Bob Fischer
Knowing Animals 163: Cannibalism in speculative fiction with Nora Castle
Episode 162: Reducing wild animal suffering with Kyle Johannsen
Episode 161: Peppa Pig and Children's Attitudes Towards Animals with Lynda Korimboccus
Episode 160: The Oxford Group and the Emergence of Animal Rights with Robert Garner
Episode 159: In Memoria Helen Marston
Episode 158: The Clean Pet Food Revolution with Alice Oven
Episode 157: Precision livestock farming with Ian Werkheiser
Episode 156: What Comes After Entanglement? With Eva Haifa Giraud
Episode 155: Brigid Brophy's 'A Felicitous Day for Fish' with Kim Stallwood
Episode 154: The Animal Agora with Sue Donaldson
Episode 153: Emelia Quinn on Vegan Camp
Episode 152: Humane Jobs for Animals with Kendra Coulter
Episode 151: Surviving with Companion Animals with Hazuki Kajiwara
Episode 150: Street dogs as nature with Krithika Srinivasan
Episode 149: The ethics of supplemental feeding with Clare Palmer
Episode 148: The Animals in that Country with Laura Jean McKay
Episode 147: Agricultural Self-Regulation with Peter Sankoff
Episode 146: Dolphins as Property Owners with Connor K. Kianpour
Protecting Animals 50: Roger Yates from the Animal Rights Show
Protecting Animals 49: Chris Delforce from Aussie Farms
Protecting Animals 48: Helen Marston from Humane Research Australia
Protecting Animals 47: Ingrid Newkirk from PETA
Episode 145: Should We Eat Meat with Andy Lamey
Protecting Animals 46: Bede Carmody from A Poultry Place
Protecting Animals 45: Jeroen van Kernebeek from Four Paws
Episode 144: Racing Greyhounds with Justine Groizard
Episode 143: Environmental Justice with Sakshi Aravind
Protecting Animals 44: Laurie Levy from the Coalition Against Duck Shooting (CADS)
Fill out the Animal Studies Survey and Tell us About the Field
Episode 142: Learning to Consume Ethically with Elisabeth Valiente-Riedl
Episode 141: Conservation and Making all Animals Count with Arian Wallach
Episode 140: Swimming with Sharks with Roslyn Appleby
Episode 139: The Relocated Kookaburra with Fernando do Campo
Australian Fires Special with Sydney Dingo Rescue and Peanuts Wellbeing Sanctuary
Episode 138: Being an Animal Studies Scholar with Siobhan O'Sullivan
Protecting Animals 43: the Hon. Emma Hurst MLC, Animal Justice Party
Protecting Animals 42: Larry Carbone
Episode 137: Animal Fables with Chris Danta
Protecting Animals 41: Animal Lawyer Mike Rosalky
Protecting Animals 40: Ondine Sherman from Voiceless
Protecting Animals 39: Philip Wollen from Winsome Constance Kindness
Episode 136: Animals and Trauma with Meera Atkinson
Episode 135: Horses and Artificial Insemination with Jeannette Vaught
Episode 135: Pussy Panic with Fiona Probyn-Rapsey
Episode 134: Thinking and Animals with Alphonso Lingis
Episode 133: Animal Biographies with André Krebber
Episode 132: Animals and Mongolia with Natasha Fijn
Episode 131: Compassionate Contrarians with Catherine Amey
Episode 130: ‘With animal’ with Clare Archer-Lean
Episode 129: Journalism and Speciesism with Natalie Khazaal
Protecting Animals 38: Artist Angela Singer
Protecting Animals 37: Terry Hurtado from Animal Liberation Federation, Columbia
Episode 128: Companion Animals and Domestic Violence with Heather Fraser
Protecting Animals 36: Author Witi Ihimaera
Episode 127: Inter-species relationships with Susanne Karr
Episode 126: The Grass Library with David Brooks
Episode 125: Animal Rights Professionalisation with Corey Lee Wren
Episode 124: Valuing 'Vermin' with Nicholas Holm
Episode 123: Story telling and Animal Voices with Laura Jean McKay
Episode 122: Animal Visions with Susan Pyke
Episode 121: American Cows in Antarctica with Elizabeth Leane
Episode 120: Animals and Conservation Policy with Helen Tiffin
Protecting Animals 35: Samui Elephant Sanctuary
Episode 119: Obaysch with John Simons
Episode 118: Duck Lake with Yvette Watt
Episode 117: The Flight of Birds with Joshua Lobb
Episode 116: The War Against Animals with Dinesh Wadiwel
Episode 115: Dignity and Respect for Animals with John Hadley
Protecting Animals 34: Pattrice Jones from VINE Sanctuary
Episode 114: Intersectionality with Nekeisha Alayna Alexis
Episode 113: Critical Terms for Animal Studies with Lori Gruen
Protecting Animals 33: Glenys Oogjes from Animals Australia
Episode 112: Indigenous Struggle and Animal Advocacy with Darren Chang
Protecting Animals 32: Nichola Kriek from SAFE New Zealand
Episode 111: Live Animal Exports with Clive Phillips
Protecting Animals 31: Michael Dello-Iacovo from the Animal Justice Party (AJP)
Episode 109: Ulysses and Animals with Peter Adkins
Episode 108: Speciesism and Prejudice with Kristof Dhont
Episode 107: Horses and War with Donna Landry
Episode 106: Hunting and the art of Walton Ford with Matthew Whittle
Episode 105: Extinction, Taxidermy and Nonhuman Animals with Sarah Bezan
Episode 104: The Politics of Anti-Poaching with Francis Massé
Episode 103: A general law against killing with Joe Wills
Episode 102: The Ethics of Dog Breeding with Bernice Bovenkerk
Episode 101: Chimpanzee Rights with Jeff Sebo
Episode 100: The Abolitionist Approach with Gary L. Francione
Episode 99: A Vegan Form of Life with Robert McKay
Christmas Special 2018: Naty Guerrero-Diaz from Big Sky Sanctuary
Episode 98: Species and Rule-Consequentialism with Eze Paez
Episode 97: Obligations of Assistance and Wild Animals with Catia Faria
Episode 96: Imagining Animal Rights with Steve Cooke
Protecting Animals 30: Angela Roberts from the Centre for Animals and Social Justice
Episode 95: Becoming Bat with Angelica Caiza Villegas
Episode 94: Patricia Piccinini’s posthumanism with Maria Sofia Pimentel Biscaia
Episode 93: Imagining Non-Speciesism with Michelle Westerlaken
Episode 92: Human-Wildlife Conflict with Jared Margulies
Episode 91: Artist Animal with Steve Baker
Episode 90: War by Conservation with Rosaleen Duffy
Episode 89: Sentientist Politics with Alasdair Cochrane
Episode 88: In vitro meat and power with John Miller
Episode 87: Vegan Cinema with Anat Pick
Episode 86: Werner Herzog’s “Crocodile” with Dominic O’Key
Episode 85: Han Kang’s the Vegetarian with Caitlin Stobie
Episode 84: Bearing Witness with Alex Lockwood
Episode 83: In Vitro Meat with Josh Milburn
Protecting Animals 29: Andrew Bartlett
Protecting Animals 28: Ruth Hatten
Episode 82: Veterinary Ethics with Anne Fawcett
Episode 81: Sculpting Animals with Lynn Mowson
Episode 80: Domestic Animals and Leisure with Jeanette Young
Episode 79: Dangerous Dogs with Claire Parkinson
Episode 78: In Memoria Karen Dalke
Protecting Animals 27: The Kangaroo Movie with Mick McIntyre
Episode 77: Empathy and Animal Ethics with Elisa Aaltola
Episode 76: Dangerous women and veterinary medicine with Andrew Gardiner
Protecting Animals 26: Linda from Samui Dog and Cat Rescue
Episode 75: The Habit of being Vegan with Simon Lumsden
Episode 74: Animals and Business Ethics with Monique Janssens
Episode 73: The Ethical Case for Vegetarianism with Mylan Engel Jr.
Episode 72: Mustangs and Domestic Horses with Karen Dalke
Episode 71: Communicating about Animal Rights with Carrie P. Freeman
Episode 70: Environmental Ethics with J. Baird Callicott
Episode 69: Animals and Philosophy of Body with Ralph R. Acampora
Protecting Animals 25: Kim Stallwood
Episode 68: Pigs and Pork with Mary Trachsel
Episode 67: Zoopolis with Will Kymlicka
Episode 66: Animal Slaughter and Capitalism with Marcel Sebastian
Episode 65: Animals and Climate Change with Jeff Sebo
Episode 64: Pigs with Brett Mizelle
Episode 63: Critical Animal Studies with Carol Gigliotti
Episode 62: Hearing and Smelling Animals in Literature with Sune Borkfelt
Episode 61: Evil in Nature with Oscar Horta
Episode 60: The Absurdity of Dairy with Jody Emel
Episode 59: Burger with Carol J Adams
Episode 58: Animal Rights in Palestine and Israel with Esther Alloun
Protecting Animals 24: Martin Dingle Wall
Episode 57: Animal Politics and Policy with Peter Chen
Episode 56: The Political Turn with Robert Garner
Protecting Animals 23: Ryan Alexander and Guy James Whitworth from No Meat May
Episode 55: Why be vegan with Dan Hooley
Protecting Animals 22: Reineke Hameleers from Eurogroup for Animals
Episode 54: political representation for animals and plants with Alfonso Donoso
Episode 53: the 3Rs with Charlotte Blattner
Episode 52: Hunting the Thylacine with Carol Freeman
Episode 51: Horses, slavery and history with Charlotte Carrington-Farmer
Episode 50: Dolphin Agency with C. Scott Taylor
Episode 49: Jack the Ripper the Slaughterman With Andrew Knight
Episode 48: Sheep with Philip Armstrong
Episode 47: Animals, Insurance and Domestic Violence with Tania Signal
Episode 46: Buying free range eggs with Rachel Ankeny
Episode 45: Researching animals for the animals with Nik Taylor
Episode 44: Domestic Dogs with James Serpell
Episode 43: Writing the Fleischgeist with Hayley Singer
Episode 42: The Literary Bird with Susan Pyke
Protecting Animals 21: Author David Simon
Episode 41: Straying with Barbara Creed
Protecting Animals 20: Photographer Jo-Anne McArthur
Episode 40: Human Evil and Animal Suffering with Guy Scotton
Episode 39: Dogs of Democracy with Mary Zournazi
Episode 38: Protecting Elephants from Zoos with Lisa Kane
Episode 37: Animal captivity with Elan Abrell
Protecting Animals 19: Mariann Sullivan from Our Hen House
Episode 36: Animals in zoos with Dale Jamieson
Episode 35: Animals are not a metaphor with Una Chaudhuri
Episode 34: Entangled Empathy with Lori Gruen
Episode 33: A vegetarian state of mind with Ken Shapiro
Episode 32: Is Vegan Enough with Robert C. Jones
Protecting Animals 18: Catherine Doyle from PAWS
Episode 31: Mourning animals with Margo DeMello
Episode 30: Deliberating about animals with Lucy J Parry
Episode 29: Knowing Birds with Tim Low
Episode 28: Performing Animals with Peta Tait
Protecting Animals 17: Elizabeth Usher aka MC Pony
Episode 27: The Holocaust and Animal Rights with Tony Milligan
Episode 26: Political representation for animals with Dan Lyons
Episode 25: Marilyn Monroe and Animal Protection with Robert McKay
Episode 24: Labour Rights for Animals with Alasdair Cochrane
Episode 23: Writing about dingo with Rowena Lennox
Protecting Animals 16: Nathan Runkle from Mercy for Animals
Protecting Animals 15: Phillip Hall from Animal Liberation NSW
Episode 22: Animal Law in China with Amanda Whitfort
Protecting Animals 14: Fiona Woodhouse from SPCA Hong Kong
Live 1: Lindsay McDougall from Frenzal Rhomb & Triple J
Episode 21: the ethics of animal research with Denise Russell
Protecting Animals 13: Jessica Bailey from the Cruelty Free Shop
Protecting Animals 12: Bidda Jones from RSPCA Australia
Episode 20: Sex with Vegans (or not) with Annie Potts
Protecting Animals 11: Nicola Beynon from World Animal Protection
Episode 19: Vegan Killjoys at the Table with Richard Twine
Protecting Animals 10: Kym Staton from Sydney Vegan Club
Protecting Animals 9: Gordon Renouf from Good on You
Episode 18: Girls, Horses and Conflict with Nikki Savvides
Episode 17: Learning to love predators with Arian Wallach
Protecting Animals 8: Amanda Richman from the Animal Law Committee
Protecting Animals 7: Rodney Todd from Spokey Blokeys
Episode 16: Whaling and the High Seas with David Mence
Protecting Animals 6: Katrina Fox
Protecting Animals 5: Shatha Hamade from Animals Australia
Episode 15: Animal pleasure with Jonathan Balcombe
Protecting Animals 4: Di Evans from RSPCA South Australia
Episode 14: Ecological justice and animals with David Schlosberg
Protecting Animals 3: Christine Townend from Animal Liberation and Help in Suffering
Protecting Animals 2: Senator Lee Rhiannon from the Australian Greens
Episode 13: Dingos, race and purity with Fiona Probyn-Rapsey
Episode 12: Jumps racing, horse deaths and social media with Phil McManus
Protecting Animals 1: Emmanuel Giuffre from Voiceless
Episode 11: Regulating animals with Jed Goodfellow
Episode 10: Political Animals with Siobhan O'Sullivan
Episode 9: Liberating animals with Peter Singer
Episode 8: Milking other men's beasts with Erica Fudge
Episode 7: Not looking at animals with Anat Pick
Episode 6: Human and the Beast with Jeffrey Masson
Episode 5: Animal Factories with Yvette Watt
Episode 4: Whips, racehorses and policy change with Paul McGreevy
Episode 3: Property Rights for Nonhuman Animals with John Hadley
Episode 2: animal rights, animal welfare and everything in-between with Clare McCausland
Episode 1: Locke, Derrida and Violence against Animals with Dinesh Wadiwel